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POGO PG426-PG430, PG432-PG433: Klaue, Nakia, Corvus Glaive, Egghead, and More Minifigs Review

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PG426 - Nightwing (Robin)
PG427 - Ulysses Klaw
PG428 - Nakia
PG429 - Egghead
PG430 - Corvus Glaive
PG432 - Black Vulcan
PG433 - Cheetah

Only Harley Quinn from this set is not here yet.

Robin (Nightwing) and Nakia. First off, Robin's bat cowl and googles are horrible.. Bad printing and crap plastic quality.. He also comes with a normal cape in case you want it. Nakia on the other hand is pretty good. I find it really weird that the quality of these two are very different despite being in the same set. 

Underneath the armor, Robin's quality is still horrible. On another note, Nakia's weapons are great for the most part but the handle [for holding] has plastic nub that might make it difficult to hold the weapons (although it can be fixed by a nail clipper or knife).

A look at the back.

Now for Egghead and Corvus. (Before anything I'll be comparing POGO and XINH Corvus soon; so far XINH's is better though.)

The quality for both are okay. They're not as bad as Robin above but I think Nakia's quality is better. Both are still worth getting especially if you don't have the characters yet.

One thing I didn't like though was how the egg cap mold wasn't smooth or straight; I mean that it's not as seamless when it's attached to a head.

A look at the back. Egghead doesn't have back printing at all which is a shame, though he does come with that cloth thing.

Now for Black Vulcan and Cheetah. Black Vulcan is just jorrible.. The plastic quality was okay, but because of the horrible print quality it's like the whole fig is horrible. Cheetah is alright but XINH's is much better.

Side views.

You can see the horrible print job on Vulcan's helmet from all angles..

Cheetach comes with a tale but it's brown and generally doesn't look good. You can choose to remove it at least though.

Now for Klaue. (aka Klaw) I honestly would've preferred a better hand mold but this design comes from TLG. This fig is actually pretty good compared to the others. For some reason, Black Panther figs from POGO have been good.

Closer look. 

Side views. The arm also just has that piece as a weapon.

Another side. 

Behind. Greatly detailed alternate face!

Thinking of getting more Nakia figs from AngeloMarcus Greenhills on my next visit to make more Dora Milaje figs!

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  1. Robin Nightwing looks almost identical to the original I think


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