POGO PG435, PG438, PG441: El Dorado, Teen Groot, and Captain Boomerang Minifigs Review

From PG8109.

PG435 - El Dorado
PG438 - Teen Groot
PG441 - Captain Boomeran

First of all, El Dorado does come with a cape but the head was stuck on the body and it was so difficult to remove. This is the case for a lot of POGO figs, but most of the time, apply enough force at the right angle and you can remove it. For this El Dorado though I was hopeless. Moving on, quality wise the two are.... acceptable? They're not horrible but they are not good. POGO still hasn't improved a lot. The plastic felt cheap and a bit lighter and the prints have misalignments and some scratches here and there.

Side view. No dual molding.

Back prints.

Now for Teen Groot. From afar he looks great, but get a closer look and he's not that great.. The print wasn't centered [vertically] and the plastic isn't as great too. The feel of the fig was somewhat solid though. Looks cheap, feels alright.

Here's the badly printed torso.

Side view.

A look at the back. For some reason, the back print is much better than the front.

Here you'll also see some inconsistencies and errors with the plastic mold. What a shame.

I'm gonna be waiting for other brands to make Teen Groot. He's certainly one of the more interesting IW characters and I think he deserves a good quality fig. I do recommend getting the original first if possible.

If you can buy from a local store like I do at AngeloMarcus Greenhills, I recommend trying to get a good fig even before opening the plastic bag they're in.

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  1. Just gonna say that my groot was printed "exactly" the same as yours on the torso!


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