Monday, May 14, 2018

POGO PG8117: Black Order's Supergiant, Thunderbolts' Meteorite, and Other Marvel and DC Minifigs Preview

Thanks to Christopher for the heads up!

*Updated with more official POGO preview*
PG450 - Cosmic Hulk
PG451 - Winter Soldier (Thunderbolts)
PG452 - Electrocutioner
PG453 - Supergiant
PG454 - Exodus
PG455 - Meteorite
PG456 - Rogue (Age of X)
PG457 - Luke Cage

More Thunderbolts, please!

Also, Electrocutioner seems to be from DC while all the others are from Marvel.

The preview picture shows Kopf but it's 99% sure to be POGO. I'll be on the lookout for the real POGO preview.

POGO has yet to release many of its previewed figs though and consequently AngeloMarcus Greenhills where I get my figs don't have many of them yet.. I'm hoping they do soon, but if they take their time but improve quality, then I'm not complaining.

*original post*

It seems that these designs were taken from Engineerio. Engineerio has an ebay page and if you want to support him and want the best quality possible for these figs, I'd recommend you guys get them directly from him/her!

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  1. I like this kind of bootlegs the best. Figures of heroes we, nerds/geeks, want but are never going to be released by tlc. If only Pogo's quality would approve.

    It would also be better if these releases weren't so fragmented in hero/villain choice, but more in theme with eachother.


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