POGO PG474-PG481: Firestar, Catwoman (Batman Returns), Deadshot, and More Comicbook Characters Minifigs Preview

Daaaaamn, more from POGO!?

PG474 - Black Mamba
PG475 - Red Arrow
PG476 - Firestar
PG477 - Hope Summers
PG478 - Catwoman (Batman Returns)
PG479 - Taskmaster (Udon)
PG480 - Deadshot
PG481 - Mister Terrific

I do hope they release soon, and if they don't, then at least improve quality..

As soon as AngeloMarcus Greenhills gets their hands on these, I'll try to review much quicker!

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  1. Replies
    1. Arsenal became Red Arrow before New52, though.

  2. Nice. Love me some catwoman. Still holding out for a classic purple catwoman with the green cape


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