Wednesday, May 16, 2018

POGO PG482-PG489: Arnim Zola, Comics Killmonger, Various Batmen, and Other Comic Book Characters Minifigs Preview


PG482 - Arnim Zola
PG483 - Killmonger
PG484 - Batman (Witch Hunter)
PG485 - Batman (Gas Suit)
PG486 - Batman (Violet Suit)
PG487 - Batman (Lightning Suit)
PG488 - Punisher (Frankencastle)
PG489 - Darkseid

Help me out with the names of the Batsuits, please!

Almost missed this preview. AngeloMarcus posted this at the same time as the previous one but I just woke up and didn't see it, phew!

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  1. PG-487 is Batman's Stealth Suit, it enable him to become undetected even from Superman's x-ray vision.

    1. Can't find any info about other suits tho..

  2. Yep - PG 487 s definitely the Stealth suit


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