Wednesday, May 16, 2018

POGO PG1501-PG1508: Thanos, Batman Ninja, World War Hulk, and Other Superhero Characters Minifigs Preview

Some repeats, some interesting one!

PG1501 - Thanos (Infinity War)
PG1502 - Sentinel
PG1503 - Batman Ninja
PG1504 - Deadpool (Hip-Hop)
PG1505 - Nightwing
PG1506 - Hulk (World War Hulk)
PG1507 - Ultimate Punisher
PG1508 - Hawkeye (Classic)

Saw the preview from AngeloMarcus Greenhills. I hope POGO releases soon!!!

Do note that some of them have been made by other brands like Sentinel and Batman Ninja.

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  1. Erik B and Rakim Deadpool! I had a plan for that one. Hope the Spidey comes out to go with it!!!

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  3. That Thanos is the best take on him so far, but I'm disappointed no one is thinking of doing a movie accurate Thanos bigfig, even the better brands like XINH. It's not even that hard! Just take the Hulk mold, give it a bald head, and tampo it up. POGO even has a Venom bigfig mold that's perfect for the job!


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