WM WM473, WM475, WM496, WM511: Strippers, Joker (Titan), and Batman Ninja Minifigs Preview


WM473 - Stripper
WM475 - Stripper
WM496 - Joker
WM511 - Batman Samurai/Ninja

What's interesting is that because of the stripper figs, it's almost safe to say that kids aren't the #1 target market of WM. That's great for collectors! Unlike what SY has been doing where they focus on play features for kids.

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I'll be passing by AngeloMarcus Greenhills later for a haul. Hopefully the ones I want are still in stock..

Thanks to everyone who gave me a heads up! 

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  1. ...and now I ask myself: if I remove the hair from WM473 - Stripper, will there be nipples?


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