Wednesday, May 2, 2018

XINH 823: Infinity War Iron Man MK 50 Minifig Review (Comparison with Kopf)

Or is it MK 48? I hope Marvel confirms and reveals MK 48 and MK 49 in case this really is MK 50.
Previewed here.

I reviewed Kopf's release separately here in case you're interested but I'll still be including the Kopf fig in this review for easy comparison.

From here on: Left = XINH. Right = Kopf.

First off, one of XINH Iron Man's arm shares the same mold as Cyborg's mech arm. I like the idea but I think MK 50's parts are a bit sleeker than that design. Still a nice move, imo though. It would've been preferred though if XINH also included a normal arm. Another thing to notice are the eyes; I think KOPF's eyes are horrible because they don't fit the helmet/eye holes well enough. XINH's blue eyes are much better in this. In terms of overall quality, the two are great in both print and plastic.
Here's the original TLG version for reference. Both brands could still improve; I wonder if Lele can copy it well enough.

Underneath the mask are faces of Tony with the Iron Man HUD. XINH's face has a blue tint over it unlike Kopf's that just has blue lines and shapes. XINH's is much more accurate to the movies here.

Another angle; I hope you guys can see the blue.

A side view of Tony's mech arm.

A look at the back. Some shades of red a bit different for both, but they don't really ruin the overall look.

XINH's backpack piece does not have black parts at all. Kopf's colors follow the original ones though. Is that an issue? Maybe, but I'm glad we do get the backpack piece itself in red.

The flames are also different from each other in terms of color. Not a big issue for me especially since the right pieces are new molds that both of these companies failed to copy. Lele's preview picture includes the new molds and I'm excited to see if they can pull it off.

If AngeloMarcus Greenhills does stock up on Lele's Iron Man, I'll try and review/compare the three. Right now though, it's up to you which you prefer. I'm just glad that we have many options here in the Philippines.

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  1. Looks like I'm buying the xinh version too that arm is awesome

  2. Xinh's is clearly superior to Kopf's. It would have been perfect if they had the correct flame pieces, as well as a second normal right arm you could swap on and off with the arm cannon.

  3. difference also is the gold face plate xinh follows TLG while Kopf have black lines...ritche H.


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