Thursday, May 17, 2018

XINH 825, 830: Doctor Strange and Ebony Maw Minifigs Review

First previewed here!

XINH 825 - Doctor Strange
XINH 830 - Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw's blast pieces are of great quality. For Strange's Time stone magic though, I love that we finally have them in green but the plastic felt cheaper.. The edges were rough and it was generally not as good as other XINH magic pieces..

Quality wise, the two are great, as usual! Great job, XINH. They probably changed up some minor details from TLG's design, but generally still get the look. I gotta admit that Doctor Strange's face looks a bit off though.

The only issue, other than the not-so-great plastic quality of the magic pieces, is Strange's hair. The white print/paint isn't aligned very well as you can see on the left picture. This makes him look really weird, I'm hoping this is an isolated case with me.

The back has enough details and remains of good quality.

Two great figs, in my opinion. Some quality control issues on mine, but I'm willing to bet your Doctor Strange figs are fine (tell me if you have the same issue). I'm hoping they do more Infinity War minifigs. Cull Obsidian, Bucky, War Machine, and others please!

I also recently acquired the Set of 16 Sheng Yuan Infinity War minifigs from AngeloMarcus Greenhills and I'll be comparing this Ebony Maw with that one in an upcoming review. Stay tuned!

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