XINH X0184: Black Panther Minifigs Including Killmonger, Klaw, Shuri, and More Preview

Finally, the whole set!

XINH 799 - Black Panther
XINH 800 - Killmonger
XINH 801 - Black Panther
XINH 802 - Killmonger
XINH 803 - Shuri
XINH 804 - Ulysses Klaw
XINH 805 - Okoye
XINH 806 - Black Panther (Shuri)

AngeloMarcus Greenhills already had XINH 799-XINH801 for a while now and I already reviewed them actually. 

It's a shame we still don't have M'Baku.. 

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  1. Only Klaw looks improved in any way. I'm still sour that we never got a M'Baku or a blue costumed Shuri (from the Black Panther movie)

    1. They might do another set, particularly as Nakia is missing. There were at least 4 Thor: Ragnarok sets after all :)


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