DTB: Haul from AngeloMarcus Greenhills (June 5, 2018)

Had a great day today!

I love big hauls, but honestly I hate the plastic.. So much waste! It makes our products cheaper (cheap packaging -> lower costs for making/selling these figs -> lower price for us consumers) but it makes me feel really bad about the environment..

POGO's new bigfigs also came with these new packaging designs which I find very interesting but somewhat impractical? Does this mean POGO is starting to sell in phsyical stores? It doesn't make sense for a so-far-online-only store to design their packages because designing and making these bags add to costs.. They won't need to give out great packaging designs to attract online customers because they can use other [digital] pictures unlike in physical stores where you'll see the good boxes and packagings first. (Why does it matter to me/us? Because less costs should mean lower prices from them, for us, as they don't need to gain back the money they used on the packaging.) I'm no operations or business expert, but those were my thoughts about this. Thought about that just as much as I thought about the figs inside them.. Hahaha! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this business decision from POGO! Maybe I'll talk about it more in the reviews to come!

Yeah they're scattered for now but I'm in the process of organizing them for reviews!

That's not even all of them..

POGO's new bigfigs are... okay? Some might call them bad, some might call them good enough, but I'm pretty sure no one will call them great or horrible.

I'll start by reviewing the Rebel Soldiers (Tantive IV/Episode IV)!

Hoping that AngeloMarcus Greenhills completes the incomplete sets that I have and gets more of the recently previewed ones soon too!

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  1. I am happy to see that the lizard has a tail! I was concerned about it wouldn't have one.

    I liked the the Anti-venom.

    I don't liked the the Rhino's head shape.

    I don't liked te color of the most of these POGO's new bigfigs. The lizard is too much metalic and the Rhino is too much dark!

  2. Is the horn on the top of the head of the Rhino removable?

    If yes, I think it a little better.

  3. Actually I have now Clayface and BvS Armored Batman and are pretty awesome and very well done. The fact is that some holes are not the "normal" lego ones, but its A LOT better than I expected


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