Kopf KF423, KF424: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Minifigs Review

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Don't know much about US politics, but I think I've seen enough memes about these two that make them interesting enough for minifig photoshoots.. Haha

First of all, they came with these hilarious printed tiles. Any collector would appreciate these printed tiles that are also of good quality! Add to that, they're funny and I assume relate to the candidates.

The quality of the two is great. Details are fun and both are obviously for parody.

I'm from the Philippines but these two made such a big fuss that even Filipinos knew about them, mostly about the memes. (For my generation, at least.) I'm glad that AngeloMarcus Greenhills still got them though! Might make for some interesting dioramas of Trump opposing foreign superheroes or something.. Hahaha! (Joking of course, I'm really neutral towards this mainly because I don't know enough about Trump or Hillary to really take a side, plus I'm not American.)

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  1. That is funny af. Trump has that fake bake and pink eyebags plus the pale hands lmfao.


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