Kopf KF458: Infinity War Falcon Minifig Review

First previewed here along with another IW Thor!

Yes, these aren't stickers and are printed! I prefer this and thankfully, Kopf aligned the printing well enough!

I think my camera didn't do a good job of capturing the pictures because it's really more red in real life, and not a bit pinkish like the one above.

First thing's first, the only issue I had with mine is that for that red piece, it came with two of the same instead of opposites which meant I couldn't make Redwing..

Yes, that small piece is supposed to be Redwing.

Great plastic quality, great print quality.

Lowered the camera's brightness thing here and you can see how the red really is. The detail on Falcon's back is great too despite having a backpack that will cover it up.

Only issue was the wrong part for the wings, but overall a great fig.

When I receive XINH's Falcon from AngeloMarcus Greenhills, I'll try to do a comparison!

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  1. Falcon seems nice enough, but I don't like the enormous brick-built wings... seems like a smaller, molded piece would've been a better option.

  2. Your Redwing is very different to mine and the official one...


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