Lele D059-D066: The Thing, Hulkbuster, Darkseid, and More Marvel/DC Bigfigs Preview

C'mon, Lele, what about some new designs too?

D059 - The Thing
D060 - The Thing
F061 - Hulkbuster
D062 - Hulkbuster/Igor
D063 - Darkseid
D064 - Gorilla Grod
D065 - Green Goblin
D066 - Killer Croc

If you've never seen those Hulkbuster molds, well they're not too old because Lele released that at around the same time Decool released their first Hulkbuster bigfig.

I'll try to review them if AngeloMarcus Greenhills get them! I do hope they make more and compete with POGO!

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