POGO PG1265, PG1269: Adventure Time The Lich and Jake Minifigs Preview

I wonder what the source is?

PG1265 - The Lich
PG1269 - Jake the Dog

I think it's safe to expect more Adventure Time minifigs soon!

Hoping to see more soon! 

In other news, more reviews from my AngeloMarcus Greenhills haul soon! Stay tuned!

Source of the designs here. Thanks to all the comments for referring me to this!

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  1. https://www.behance.net/gallery/31861281/LEGO-Adventure-Time-minifigures-set-1 Here is the source

  2. I'm not fan of the show, but the Lich figure looks cool (...depends how it will look like in real life, these digital pictures can be often pretty misleading).


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