POGO PG1802: Juggernaut Bigfig (Comparison with Decool Juggernaut) Review

First previewed here!

Juggernaut's mom and dad. JK! 
I included Hulkbuster because they look somewhat similar with the color and the lack of flesh on POGO's [compared to Decool's].

Decool's Juggernaut isn't perfect, but it's much better than POGO's. POGO's Juggernaut can pass as a Megaman character or a non-flesh character.. White skin on the head and yellowish skin on the arms? Bad printing.. Plastic quality was average to below-average too. 

The flesh paint is really off for Juggernaut.. Although the details on the mold such as the fists are much appreciated. You'll see though that the gold paint on the wrists aren't so consistent. 

I really appreciate the detail of the POGO bigfig though. But to be fair, credits go to the source design and even POGO's implementation isn't too good.

The head was comprised of two parts and the dome shaped piece actually acts like a helmet. 

Though it doesn't fit the usual bigfig head. Sorry, Thanos!

Also, the connectors/joints of Juggernaut, like the other POGO bigfigs, isn't universal.

Generally still worth it in my opinion. I think this Juggernaut is different enough that it deserves to be collected by both completists and just plain old collectors!

Hoping to see more of the bigfigs from AngeloMarcus Greenhills soon! Though before the others, I still have a couple up for review soon! Stay tuned!

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  1. i hope we get a better deadpool 2, or a x men : the last stand big- or Minifigure of Juggernaut.

  2. This one is Juggernaut from the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games.

  3. What i'd like to do with this Juggernaut is to custom it into Arsenal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsenal_(Marvel_Comics)
    You should wipe out his face and make it a robot and maybe recolour it, but i think it could be done.


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