POGO PG8103: Mad Hatter, Joker Batman, and Other DC and DCEU Minifigs Review

First previewed here!

Made the reviews separately but will just merge in one post!

Oh my, I missed this POGO.

PG314 - Harley Quinn
PG316 - Robin

Quality was pretty average for both print and plastic. It's got the usual minifig printing and not like POGO's current superhero figs.

Harley gets some decent side prints.

The back prints are highly appreciated, but Harley's back design has lines that make up a shape yet I think it's too intricate to be seen too well. Props to POGO for the effort though.

PG317 - Mad Hatter
PG319 - Nightwing

Mad Hatter is a must-have, right? This is his first appearance as a knockoff fig. He also comes with an umbrella piece. While he's really simple, POGO's quality control wasn't so good [again] as you can see with the black smudges on his upper leg/waist. Nightwing is good though. Not great, good.

Nothing much going on in the sides.

No atlernate faces. Two okay figs. Not bad and the printing was good [minus the smudges], but the plastic could've been better. They don't have the same gloss and feel as XINH figs do which I think is much better. (Same applies for all the figs here.)

PG320 - Two-Face
Great job on the hair mold, POGO. The hair mold was great and only had one dot of pink on the blonde side (as you'll see below). Other than that, the fig gets Two-Face right and we even get his iconic coin! (The coin's print isn't centered though, sadly.)

Too bad the legs didn't get burned printing even on the front.. No alternate face too.

PG315 - Joker Batman Suit
PG318 - Racer Batman
PG321 - Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

Now these three I got a bit later  I'd say that Joker Batman and Harley Quinn are pretty good while Racer Batman isn't so good. Racer Batman's print job wasn't so good. The colors aren't bright and some print elements were a bit blurry. Harley and Joker Batman have some weak colors too at some parts, but not enough to make them look bad.

Racer Batman also came with a cape, but like many POGO figs, the head - neck connection is too tight and too difficult to remove.. Shame. Also, the Bat print on the helmet's visor is faded and had scratches.. more reasons to dislike the Racer Batman fig.

Harley gets a nice baseball bat with a well printed "GOOD NIGHT" on it. Nice!

Underneath their helmets, this is what Bruce and Joker look like. Bruce's face is off because of 1) the flesh print didn't do well on black and 2) the face had some scratches.

Them in their full glory, I guess..

Side view. They really gave a lot of effort towards Harley! The side leg prints were great as you can see! Batman and Joker still get some decent side arm prints too though!

The back. See, Harley gets all the details! No alternate faces for all of them though.

A set of average to below-average minifigs that I honestly look highly of now because of recent POGO superhero minifigs.. I hope POGO returns to this instead, well not really, I hope POGO improves from their current figs and improve from these as well. We'd love to see more from them.

Sorry for the late review! Actually received some of them from AngeloMarcus Greenhills way before. Got a lot more coming though. Stay tuned!

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