POGO PG8128: Saint Seiya Minifigs Review

First previewed here!

PG1150 - Athena
PG1151 - Pegasus Seiya
PG1152 - Cygnus Hyoga
PG1153 - Dragon Shiryu
PG1154 - Andromeda Sun
PG1155 - Phoenix Ikki

Prints were okay? The details were there, but I think we could've seen better implementation. The colors are a bit too light and weren't too clear. The chest pieces though were soft plastic, wihle the head pieces were hard plastic.

Athena comes with this well-built staff thing though!

Athena suffered on the sides though because the white was simply slapped on the arms.. Also, the ink/paint was also weak and wasn't vibrant enough to get Saint Seiya's bright looks.

The armors details are great though!

How they look underneath their armors. They give off a great Anime vibe, which I think is good for these figs.

Oh, another issue, and this is very very very common with similar figs, Athena's legs don't stay on well enough. It's very loose and it's because it uses normal studs on the dress-like legs as opposed to normal minifig legs that use longer connectors.

I've basically got the same comments about these guys. Soft plastic on the armors, and hard enough plastic for the hair pieces.

One issue though is with Dragon Shiryu.. His hair just wouldn't stick to his head! Or to any head for that matter. I think POGO messed up the anti-stud under the hairpiece for this one; I'm hoping this is an isolated issue. If you really wanna force it though, then maybe some strong glue can keep them on, or trim the stud on the fig's head to make it fit. I personally won't do this anymore because I don't really collect Saint Seiya figs.

Side view. Armor looks great even on the sides!

Back parts have enough detail too. Unfortunately, Andromeda Sun at the middle has some markings on her back armor. I think it's plastic that got stuck there while in the manufacturing process? It's a shame and I think it's irreversible..

Heads are still off in my opinion, mainly because some of them have bigger faces and others don't. Though when you have their gears on, I guess they look fine enough!

Minimal back printing, but still glad there's something given that their backs are to be covered.

Generally liked the armor pieces! They might not be perfect, but because the coloring was simple (one color armors), they came out still nice. These figs are perfect for MOCers!

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