POGO PG8130: Infinity War Minifigs Including Teen Groot, White Wolf, Wong, and More Preview

POGO trying to compete with XINH! Wow!

PG1557 - Star-Lord
PG1558 - Teen Groot
PG1559 - White Wolf/Bucky
PG1560 - Wong
PG1561 - Nebula
PG1562 - Spider-Man
PG1563 - Peter Parker
PG1564 - Okoye

POGO's trying to make more movie-accurate figs here which I really admire. I'm hoping the output is good. 

XINH does something similar.

Expect reviews as soon as AngeloMarcus Greenhills gets them! I'll try to compare similar characters with the ones from XINH when possible!

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  1. No point getting any of these with the possible exception of Okoye for the legs...as they’re using the same designs as xinh (figs.art on instagram) but presumably with inferior quality. My only worry is that aliexpress sellers will think they’re the same and sent pogo instead of xinh which can happen.

  2. Does XINH make that peter parker?


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