POGO PG8136: Marvel and Avengers Infinity War Minifigs Including War Machine, Ronin, Pepper Potts, and More Preview

No, this isn't a XINH preview!

PG1565 - Pepper Potts (Iron Man Armor)
PG1566 - Black Panther (with Helmet)
PG1567 - Black Panther (with Helmet)
PG1568 - Ronin
PG1569 - Thor
PG1570 - Doctor Strange
PG1571 - Ebony Maw
PG1572 - War Machine

These designs look great! Interested in Strange's magic pieces too! Panther's helmets could've veen better though.

Look forward to getting these in person soon! I hope that quality's improved. Stay tuned for reviews as soon as I get them from AngeloMarcus Greenhills!

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  1. The comic style cowl for Black Panther doesn't match the one from the movies. Can't really look forward to any of Pogo's release until they revert back or improve their printing method.

  2. Please, please, please.... At least do your old printing for the Rescue Armor. MCU Rescue would be amazing!!!

  3. Definitely going to have to wait and see the real-life photos of these before choosing to order them because of POGO's quality issues lately. Which is a shame, because I liked the designs of some of the poorly printed characters.

  4. Just got pepper, ronin and war machine... WORST PRINTING EVER. Might have to give up on Pogo...

  5. Where's the cheapest place to buy them? I want to get Rescue


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