Monday, June 25, 2018

POGO PG8139: Space Knight Venom, Venompool, Groot, and Other Marvel Bigfigs Preview

Wave 1 of these bigfigs were here!

PG1809 - Carnage
PG1810 - Kingpin
PG1811 - Wolverine (Venom/Poison)
PG1812 - Venompool
PG1813 - King Groot
PG1814 - Coyote (Daredevil villain)
PG1815 - Toxin
PG1816 - Space Knight Venom

Mostly from STUDIOGENESIS, especially the molds, but some of these designs might be from POGO.. I'm not entirely sure though..

Some of the wave 1 bigfigs from POGO were already reviewed, I recommend using the search function of the blog and using their codes to search for their reviews! AngeloMarcus Greenhills is still in the process of releasing all of wave 1, and I'm sure these guys will follow soon! Stay tuned for reviews!

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  2. PG1814 is venomized Iron Man from Invincible Iron Man #5.

    These Big Figs are... Awful, and very random choice of characters.

    Still waiting for many other chars: Solomon Grundy, Swamp Thing, Terrax, classic Darkseid, Arkillo, a true Atrocitus -not the thanos repaint that was released-, Demon, Mongul...

    1. Nah, someone else got it. It definitely looks like Coyote, but no idea why a bigfig.

  3. Carnage has never been big like that, Wolverine-Venom doesn’t use those colours, Venompool, Toxin, and Carnage shouldn’t have the spider moulded in, and I have no idea who that other guy is. Pretty disappointing over all. Good to see another Kingpin for those who didn’t get they SY one though, and King Groot is cool.

  4. The year of crazy big figs continues

  5. Pretty sure that is mystery one is Coyote from a recent Daredevil run...not sure why a big fig though...

    1. The text does translate to Coyote so you were right :)
      Very odd though!

  6. Oh no, my friend. This is a mistake, a terrible mistake. They have gone too far, this is madness!

  7. Pretty strange choices for some of them. I may buy Toxin and Venompool (depending on your reviews as always :-p)

    Bigfigs that they i'd like to see being made:
    Sandman (i think he would look better as bigfig than the one we already have), Grizzly, Mr.Hyde and Ox (being really c-villains), SuperSkrull, comic Abomination, Wendigo, Sasquatch, Man-Thing, Dragon Man, Awesome Andy, Mindless ones.