Sheng Yuan SY1071: Star Wars Clone Troopers Minifigs Preview

So does Sheng Yuan really still have SY in their codes or not!?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but some of them look like Clone Commandos using Phase II helmets.. That's a shame..

Any help with the names?
1071-1 - 
1071-2 - 
1071-3 - 
1071-4 - 
1071-5 - 
1071-6 - 
1071-7 - 
1071-8 - 

Lots of demand for Clone Troopers usually, so once they arrive at AngeloMarcus Greenhills, I'll do my best to come asap to get some for review!

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  1. Started filling the blanks in at . So far I think 1 - Sev, 2 - Boss, 3 - Gregor, 5- Echo, 6 - Commander Cody.

  2. They are using both TIE pilot and stormtrooper helmets. It´s all over the place.

    I´ll wait until someone copies the custom commando helmet. POGO copied the minifigs custom phase 2 one, so maybe they´ll do the commandos eventually.


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