WM WM6035: Sailor Moon Minifigs Preview

It was only a matter of time.

WM525 - Sailor Venus
WM526 - Sailor Mars
WM527 - Sailor Moon
WM528 - Sailor Mercury
WM529 - Sailor Jupiter
WM530 - Chiba Mamoru
WM531 - Sailor Moon

Don't know much about the anime, but they do look like what I've seen! I'll do reviews if AngeloMarcus Greenhills gets them in stock!

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  1. Saw these the other day. Hoping maybe it'll mean some more anime titles down the road.
    I'd love to see some Fullmetal Alchemist, Hellsing or Cowboy Bebop somewhere down the line.

    I'll probably grab at least a Sailor Moon from this set.
    Years and years ago I was good friends with a girl who would have lost her socks over these..... Probably still would.

  2. A proper Tuxedo Mask would have been rather entertaining.


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