XINH 882: Teen Groot Minifig Review and Comparison with PG438

With the bigger set here.

POGO's Teen Groot (first reviewed here) came with just one branch accessory while XINH's Teen Groot came with his video game too.

In terms of accuracy to TLG, POGO does a better job. TLG used this same color scheme and basically the whole design is cloned from TLG. On the other hand, XINH's Teen Groot looks to copy the movie version's Groot much more. XINH Groot's color is actually more accurate [to the movie]. Other than that, quality of XINH Teen Groot is great! Great plastic quality and the print is great too. POGO's wasn't so good, though it wasn't too bad, but XINH's is great. The prints are aligned well enough and even the arms and legs have prints along with the upper portion of the head

Side view. POGO copies TLG wherein TLG also doesn't have side prints.

Back view. Practically identical but XINH's colores are much more accurate.

Also interested in Lepin's Bart Groot though!

Still two good Groot figs. I think I prefer XINH's though, but I understand if people want to prefer the TLG colored one since the bigfig Groot and Baby Groot are colored that way too, so if you want consistency, it's best to get this POGO Groot. OR check out Lele's Teen Groot.

I'm hoping AngeloMarcus Greenhills will also have the Lele Teen Groot in case they run out of the POGO stock. Though if not, that's not a problem since there are many more upcoming figs and I'm sure they'll be busy stocking up on those too. I'll be busy reviewing them too!

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