XINH X0191: M'Baku, W'Kabi, Black Panther Variants, and more Black Panther Minifigs Preview


XINH 855 - Killmonger
XINH 856 - T'Challa (Ceremonial Battle)
XINH 857 - Black Panther
XINH 858 - M'Baku
XINH 859 - Shuri
XINH 860 - Erik Killmonger
XINH 861 - W'Kabi
XINH 862 - T'Challa

A great Black Panther set!!! Who else are we missing? Maybe Zuri? Ross?
Or how about completing Thor Ragnarok and GOTG Vol. 2 too??

I'm so happy with this. I've been waiting for an M'Baku fig now, maybe i'll add some fur scarf thing accessory on him too.

I still owe you guys some reviews of XINH's IW minifigs. I'll try to have them by tomorrow! For these ones, expect reviews too as soon as I receive them from AngeloMarcus Greenhills!

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  1. That Warrior Falls Panther looks great, but it would have been better if it was an actual mask instead of a printed head.

  2. Yeah. More Thor Ragnarok! IIRC, no bootleggers did Korg so far. I hope Xinh would do one.

  3. I can't find this on Taobao or Aliexpress? Like, at all??? This is the only set I can't find! Anyone have a link?

    1. It was only previewed a week ago. It will be up eventually. Given some of the Pogo stuff recently took about 4-6 weeks between preview and actually being in store, this is still early.


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