XINH X0193: Infinity War and GOTG 2 Minifigs Including War Machine, Human Vision, Starhawk

These look amazing!

I've yet to see the TLG War Machine so I can't say if these two are identical or not.. yet.

XINH 871 - Thanos
XINH 872 - War Machine
XINH 873 - Vision (Human)
XINH 874 - Collector
XINH 875 - Kraglin
XINH 876 - Captain America (with New Shields)
XINH 877 - Scarlet Witch (Civilian)
XINH 878 - Starhawk

I've been wanting those classic Guardians/Ravagers from GOTG Vol. 2 and I'm glad XINH started it! Hoping to see the others!

Can't wait for AngeloMarcus Greenhills to have these in stock! Expect reviews when I receive them!

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  1. WOW...just wow. I cannot wait! How long until these hit Aliexpress do you think?


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