XINH X0194: Avengers Infinity War Pepper Potts, Pre-Iron Man Tony Stark, Peter Parker (Civilian), and More Minifigs Preview

Hoping that POGO gets afraid of these and steps up their game!

XINH 879 - Tony Stark
XINH 880 - Ayo
XINH 881 - Pepper
XINH 882 - Groot
XINH 883 - Peter Parker
XINH 884 - James Rhodes (War Machine)
XINH 885 - Okoye
XINH 886 - Supergiant

All looking good!! Can't wait to see them in person! Expect reviews as soon as I get them from AngeloMarcus Greenhills!

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  1. This is great. Good thing I haven’t bought the Pogo versions yet.

    Anyone know if there’s an “official” Xinh or Pogo store on AliExpress? I follow the “Kopf Official Store” but can’t find the others.

    1. Nope. Never seen them. I follow about 30 stores! In the old design you could flick down one list of all your favourites new releases. They stopped doing that sadly...

    2. Right?! We really dodged the bullet there

    3. I follow alot of stores too. They will be really good for awhile and then not so good. David's deals was good, TAREEK was good too now higher prices.

      JDF blocks seems ok (They have another store with different name but same set up) I'm doing a big order and they will waive shipping.

      Stores are strange sometimes if you look they have a few deals on a couple minifigures but the rest are over priced

  2. Awesome!!! All of the XInh figures of late have been shiny, perfect amazing figures, whilst more and more of my Pogo have been going in a separate bag from my collection to see if I can paint them up to fix the poor quality.

    Today I decided to stop collecting many Pogo figs, only grabbing the unique moulds like max rebo. They really need to fix up or many will instantly avoid like I am now starting to do.

  3. Nice plan. If someone else would make star wars I'd do it too. Maybe for every other type. Bye for now pogo.

    1. In fact aliexpress as a whole isn't as good as it was last year. Way less stores (most now just owned by same person) higher prices. I import to resell (helps keep my collection going) but now most figures over $1 with xinh at $1.13.

    2. I think you're on to something. I've noticed the flow of bootleg minifigures seems to have decreased considerably even though production seems much the same. Ebay listings have changed as well for them. Older ones more expensive.

    3. I don’t even bother with eBay anymore. They overcharge so much and never have the older ones I’m still looking for. Etsy are worse. They charge about AUD$15-20 for one Pogo or Xinh figure and call it a “custom made” figure.

  4. LOVE these aside from Supergiant. Teen Groot arrived in the post today and he is perfect, far superior to the official LEGO version. Will be picking up the other 6 MCU ones for sure.

    Based on where these designs came from, my prediction for the final(?) IW set from Xinh would be: Hulk, M'Baku, Black Panther, Korg, Miek, Mantis, Drax and Ned Leeds.


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