DTB DTB0085: Marvel's A.I.M. Agents Minifig MOC Preview

Everyone's favorite henchmen!

Well, arguably everyone's favorite henchmen.. AIM might be a genius organization, but not genius enough to know that yellow is an attractive color and is the first color we see.. Guess they're proud villains and don't care about hiding.. Hahaha

Basically just the hazmat minifigs but with plain black heads to replicate their visors. If you can or want, then maybe even a head with printed visor to replicate the look better.

You can also choose to remove the biohazard/nuclear logo on their torsos/helmets with a pencil eraser (but this will require lots of time and pressure) or simply paint over them.


Or you can choose to use silver/grey on as a head too because some variants use silver/grey variants.

I'm still hoping though that someone releases them as real minifigs like these:
Much better like this, right?

Might not be one of the more creative MOCs, but I think they're must-have/must-make minifigs considering how influential these henchmen have been. I'm just glad that AngeloMarcus Greenhills had that recent sale where I picked up four of those hazmat figs!

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  1. Nice! I used a tlg one (before the bootleg came out) to make the half venomised version from the lego marvel videogame. Might need to get me some more!!!


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