Kopf KF8036: The Incredibles Minifigs Preview

No Jack-Jack? :(

KF480 - Mr. Incredible
KF481 - Mrs. Incredible / Elastigirl

KF482 - Violet
KF483 - Dash

I haven't watched the new movie yet, but I hear it's good. I'll check it out months from now maybe when it's more available.. :D

I'll try to review these if AngeloMarcus Greenhills decides to stock up on them!

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  1. Dash's legs look more accurate than SY's so that's something. Helen and Violet's hair still aren't accurate though.

  2. Please, please, please do a side by side review: KOPF vs Sheng Yuan The Incredibles. And add plenty of commentary of which seems the best.

    Thank you!!!


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