MG Brand MG0097, MG0098: Pennywise and Freakazoid! Minifigs Review

First previewed here!

Two really good figs! A lot of people were surprised to see Freakazoid and were happy to see him! This is great and I think we should really appreciate MG for being a fan-favorite-making-brand. Pennywise however, well we've seen a lot of him aready..

As I said, quality is great! The plastic mold feels good and articulates well. The prints are also good, even though Freakazoid's prints are quite simple. Another detail worth mentioning is that Freakazoid's legs aren't dual molded, but for the most part they're good. The front leg print might not be too aligned, but it's certainly not bad. It's also a silver color and not just a grey color which I personally like.

Side view. Sides are identical for the most part. Great amount of detail for Pennywise too.

Back view.

I think MG made these two to make the most out of the hair mold. I wonder why we didn't get Syndrome? And I'm hoping superheroes get this hairpiece too. For Marvel, I'm thinking Firelord.. Hope we see him!

Hoping to pass by AngeloMarcus Greenhills later. They've got a number of new arrivals and I'm interested in getting my hands on them! Stay tuned!

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