POGO PG816-PG818: Star Wars The Last Jedi Praetorian Guards Minifigs Review

First previewed here.

There are also black versions of this as previewed here!

PG816 - Praetorian Guard
PG817 - Praetorian Guard
PG818 - Praetorian Guard

Before anything, all of them are identical except for the helmet and weapons. Is this bad? Nope, they're just making the most out of the molds + it makes sense anyway.

Now I'll be talking about quality here. While the plastic quality was okay, it didn't feel as good as let's say XINH plastic. Though it definitely doesn't feel too cheap too, but it could be because there's a lack of print.. We are all aware that POGO has not been very good at printing, and thankfully this design doesn't need printing.. The mold's designs were made well! The lines engraved onto the molds were well-defined and were generally good!

Personally, my only issues with the plastic here are the plastic nubs (those white excess plastic bits on some parts of molds) that you find in some parts of the figs..

PG816 - Praetorian Guard

PG817 - Praetorian Guard

PG818 - Praetorian Guard

Of course, we also have to look at their weapons! They're aligned in a way that the weapon corresponds to the fig it's included with.

They're red molded weapons with silver paint and for the most part it's really good. Here and there you might spot some silver getting on the red where it's not supposed to be, but my weapons looked fine for the most part. Calling these bad would be me being very nitpicky.

So basically, POGO without print is actually good! Lol!

Hoping that AngeloMarcus Greenhills releases the black versions soon too! I'm really excited for the parts since the molds are of good quality and could potentially be good MOC designs!

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  1. white plastic nubs on top of helmet :-/ cut it with a sharp blade. I m waiting for Snok now ! not released yet


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