WM WM6034: Deadpool 2 Minifigs Review

First previewed here!

WM521 - Peter
WM522 - Deadpool
WM523 - Cable
WM524 - Domino
WM524B - The Vanisher

Deadpool came with these two SMGs, and no the silencers are not removable. I've noticed that WM SMGs like this have irremovable silencers while [some] Kopf SMGs like this have removable silencers. Peter doesn't come with anything of course.. Though I really wish they included a backpack for his iconic parachute drop!

I'll TL;DR here in the start. The quality of the figs are great, no doubt. Print quality was great with few-to-none errors. The plastic felt great too, right amount of gloss and articulation. Now the problem is design choices. While for example, POGO's design choices are great, the implementation/final output don't look as good.. For WM, they've got good manufacturing capabilities but, with this set and not necessarily all WM sets, the design choices were not always good.

First design choice mistake for me is Peter's hair. Black hair and brown moustache? I really wish they made it more consistent! Additionally, the torso is borrowed from Stan Lee; I was hoping a different torso was used since, and I'm just being OC, Stan Lee is already in my Marvel collection wearing that same outfit then here comes Peter with the exact same outfit.. At least the face looks good!

Sides are good especially Deadpool!

No alternate face for Peter unfortunately.. I really wish they included a backpack and then a face with goggles as an alternate face! 

I switched the hair for a brown one of the same mold I had lying around. Better?

Now for Cable and Domino. Cable came with this shotgun. The shotgun felt cheap and unlike the SMG above.. It's not bad, but it's not of the same plastic as far as I can tell.

Again, quality wise these figs are great, but the design choices are also disappointing.. For example, Domino's skin is too light compared to the movie. Also, while I'm personally fine with Cable's hair, some people prefer other molds. At least we can easily change that.

Side view. While in this angle they might seem fine..
The arm sleeves are also the slapped on type..

But at least Cable's metal arm is more consistent. Shame though that the back legs didn't have print.

Cable has an alternate face  that honestly looks off.

I really enjoyed Deadpool 2. I'm hoping we get X-Force minifigs too soon, so far I only have these guys and The Vanisher.

General thoughts on this WM set though is that while the quality was great, I feel like WM's design team was a bit lacking when they made these guys. Maybe Kopf's is better? I actually already have Kopf's Cable from AngeloMarcus Greenhills and I'll be comparing this and that soon! Stay tuned! 

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