KORUIT XP138: Lord of the Rings' Gondor Fountain Guard Minifig Review

KORUIT is probably one of my favorite brands, if not my favorite. They don't have a lot of designs but I love them not just for their designs or quality, but because they make their own designs [supposedly]. If you think this design, or any of their other designs, were taken from other minifig designers, do let us know.

Comes with spear/pike and sword. Armor details are 3D and not simply printed on.

If there's something that I find weird with KORUIT, it's that they love releasing armor + cape combinations or cape + cape + cape combinations. Basically, too many capes that it looks awkward or can barely fit properly. This isn't a problem though since you can choose not to put on the capes in the first place; it's actually good since KORUIT is simply providing us more options for our figs.

KORUIT XP138 Grading

Plastic Quality: 4.5/5
The plastic of the armor, weapons, and the base minifig was really good, but I think that KORUIT's earlier figs were much better. This Fountain Guard was still good though.

Print Quality: 5/5
No complaints here. I'm willing to bet that every once in a while though you might see some scratches on the prints though, but then again that's almost a given with these cheap brands since, well, they're cheap and don't invest much on quality control. (Though KORUIT for the most part seems to have good quality control.)

Build Quality: 4.5/5
Are the weapons too big? That's the .5 deduction. If you think they're alright, then this is pretty much a 5/5. I found no issues with building the figs and the overall articulation. The armor prevents some movement, but we can't really consider that as a problem because it's basically a given. For something they designed themselves, this is actually pretty good.

Design Choice: 5/5
Everyone loves army building LOTR minifigs and this is something worth splurging on. In addition to that, this is their own design. This is the reason why I love KORUIT. They don't just copy designs, they make their own and print them on cheap, but still good quality, minifigs to make them more accessible to more people.

KORUIT has other Gondor minifigs too in case you forgot!

Here's an affiliate link:

For people in the Philippines, AngeloMarcus Greenhills has had these in stock for a while now. Hopefully still in stock though since lots of people want to army build this.

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  1. magnificent !!
    it is also my favorite brand !!!

  2. Koruit is the best brand of me also. I wish they focus on LOTR or GOT than Mavel'


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