Lele L169, L170, L173, L174: Lele Movie 2 Rex, Lucy, Metalbeard, and Sweet Mayhem Minifigs Review (With Instructions)

First previewed here.

L169 - Rex
L170 - Lucy
L173 - Metalbeard
L174 - Sweet Mayhem

This is actually my first ever minidoll. I think it looks good as a toy, but I'm not a fan just because it's not consistent in terms of size with my minifig collection.

Biggest issue: the parts were so loose that you'd hear and feel them shaking. The helmet and head also had a hard time staying in place, as in if you hold the fig upside down, they'd fall. Hopefully an isolated issue.

Not a fan of how he looks. From epic mech to...? In terms of quality though, this one's pretty decent. Only con would be that the pirate skull print on the hat isn't as vibrant or defined.

Courtesy of brickset.com.

Great molds [in terms of design] but not so good prints.

Shame that the mouth is visible.

Highlight: quiver and hood.

The hood goes over the quiver without problem. Neat!

The helmet looks a bit too big for a minifig, right?

The jetpack is attached to a backpack piece on one stud and is easily detached, too easy that it's somewhat loose.

The black on dark blue also doesn't look that good, and I'm not sure if that's an issue with TLG's design or Lele's printing.

Courtesy of brickset.com.

There were build issues with Sweet Mayhem and Rex in terms of the looseness of their accessories. I had no issues with Metalbeard though despite the number of parts he has. There were also some print issues such as smudges or incomplete shades on the three of them, and again Metalbeard was fine. These figs also didn't come with instructions so I looked up the sources instead. The plastic quality for all of them was decent enough though.

So far these are the only four available in AngeloMarcus Greenhills and I think they chose a good starting four out of the others previewed. I think these are the four most interesting out of that bunch.

Lele's been pretty inconsistent in terms of quality and even releasing figs. I think that's most apparent with a good Metalbeard but just okay other figs and this set being released versus Lele's older sets still not being released. If it's taking them time to make sure quality is good though, then I'm not complaining.

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  1. yeaaaah... I got the sweet mayhem in the mail a few days ago... I was curious to see how they'd make it (like which face they'd use and how they were gonna make the clear parts on the wings), but now I wish i'd waited for this review... the face was well printed, but the rest was garbage. and it doesn't really matter that the face was printed well, because that head is stuck in the helmet and there's no way to get it out without breaking either the helmet or the neck hole.

  2. My dear friend!

    excellent analysis!
    Also thanks for the instructions

  3. excellent analysis!
    Also thanks for the instructions


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