Lepin 07119, 07120: Avegners Endgame War Machine Buster and Outriders Attack Sets Review

First previewed here.

In terms of the review for the set design etc., I don't think I'll focus on that too much since the sets are identical to the TLG sets for the most part and there are lots of reviews for them out there already that are coming from more experienced reviewers. (Since I'm not really a builder, though I do have a MOC build that I'm excited to share with you guys soon!)

And so, it'll be more about a review of quality instead of the usual set review that we see from TLG set reviewers.

From the two sets, we get a total of  5 Outriders. 1 normal (like Infinity War Outrider), 2 with the shoulder piece, and 2 with the clawed extra arms.

I think these guys have decent printing and decent plastic quality. No complaints at all. Though XINH's or SY's Outriders are probably the best in terms of quality. (They don't have the two new variants yet though, as of this posting.)

Never a fan of Lepin Iron Man figs because for some reason, their eyes are always so big and have thick prints around them. Ant-Man is a welcome addition to a bootlego collector's collection because so far, only Lele has the correct mold. This one is also my first Captain America with the correct helmet mold; the Captain America figs from other brands use their own molds, some similar to this one and others that are their own designs.

Faded white face for Cap, just like TLG's.. lol

Cap's shield is also a clone of TLG's that had the grey mold printed with the shield design.

What I don't like about Lepin figs are these hollow torsos. This results to some figs having legs that are detached too easily, which is a problem when they're attached to the builds they're a part of.

For the War Machine Buster, I had issues with the stickers. The prints aren't centered, or more accurately, the cuts on the sticker sheet weren't centered which resulted to stickers like the one on the picture. Hopefully an isolated issue.

Sticker problem.

Sticker problem.

These gun attachments were also really loose to the point that you can't even pose the mech properly without the guns spinning around.

For the motorcycle, the only issue I have is that of the blast pieces. They are foggy and not really clear. Some people might prefer this though. 

No misaligned sticker issues on this set.

For some reason too, when there are certain gun accessories needed for the set, Lepin chooses to include a whole runner filled with other guns. I'm not complaining though, the more the merrier.

Lepin minifigs have definitely improved since I last saw them. I used to have a problem with one of the legs having a different glossy look which resulted in off looking legs for the figs, but that's nowhere to be seen with these ones. The molds were also surprisingly correct. Lepin has always had the problem of not having unique molds, which we've seen through Bart x Teen Groot, among others lol. For these though, they were able to provide us with the correct Captain America helmet mold and correct Ant-Man mold. (I was kinda excited to see what weird choices they were gonna use for these unique molds, but I was surprised to see them use the correct ones lol)

As for the builds, other than the sticker issues and some loose attachments, it's pretty decent. If you're looking for the same set experience while being okay with sacrificing a bit of quality (compared to official TLG sets) and paying less than half, maybe a quarter, of the price, then these sets are well worth it. Though I would still recommend getting the original sets to 1) support the designers and the franchise and 2) for the best quality; this is especially true because right now it's probably at peak supply which means it's at the best price to pick up!

My satisfaction with the set made me feel bad though because as you may know, Lepin is gone. You might argue that there's already replacement brands, even a reportedly Lepin-run replacement, but it'll probably take time and they'll probably have less sets in the future to avoid attention. We'll see where it goes though.

I saw the War Machine Buster in AngeloMarcus Greenhills at least, in case you're interested. Though if you're not from the Philippines, here are some AliExpress affiliate links:
07119 http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bo5FN98U
I heard though that some stores took away their Lepin products, but then there are also these listings.. Hopefully we still get these Lepin products.

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