WM WM6061: Avengers Endgame Minifigs Including Rescue, Star Force Captain Marvel, and More Preview

WM699 - Thor
WM700 - Thanos
WM701 - Steve Rogers
WM702 - Captain Marvel
WM703 - Rocket Raccoon
WM704 - Rescue Armor
WM705 - Spider-Man
WM706 - Stan Lee

Good reuse of the molds for Pepper and Carol? And why does Thor have Coke instead of beer?

This is probably the best Rescue armor yet, it was recently announced that it's MK 49 through Hot Toys and we've already reflected that in our Iron Man guide! Some of the others are interesting variants at the least. Hopefully AngeloMarcus Greenhills gets at least the interesting ones.

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  1. love the Thor, defdefinit getting old Capt. and stan Lee too

  2. What are World Minifigs like with release time after a preview?


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