WM WM662: Captain Marvel with Helmet Minifig Review

First previewed here.

Let's make this a quick review.

Off looking face print.

Good details on the sides!

The normal face.

So how are you liking the helmet so far? I think it's good except..

.. the eyes on the helmet are printed on instead of being holes. From a distance they look fine, but if you hold it and look at it closer, it looks kinda off. Thankfully though the eye prints are placed well enough.

With the other face.

Another feature I loved about the helmet was the removable mohawk. I wonder what other ideas they'll have with the mold.

I tried putting another mohawk into the helmet but it wouldn't fit and resulted into strain marks on the plastic. Thankfully the mohawk covers it up.

Technically too, the mohawk fits on the usual holed stud, but the shape of this specific mohawk prevents it from fully attaching to the head. (That mohawk is a bit elevated toward the back.)

Only issues I saw were the off looking angry face print and the printed eyes on the helmet. I would've preferred holes on the helmet with a face print that had a mouth and a solid white top half, but hey maybe others prefer it this way.

AngeloMarcus Greenhills got this a few days ago, and I've got more reviews from my hauls from them coming soon. Plus some MOCs too so stay tuned!

If you're not from the Philippines though, here's an affiliate link:

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