XINH X0230: Overwatch Minifigs Preview

XINH 1039 - D.Va
XINH 1040 - Reinhardt
XINH 1041 - McCree
XINH 1042 - Reaper
XINH 1043 - Soldier 76
XINH 1044 - Hanzo
XINH 1045 - Mercy
XINH 1046 - Tracer

For reference:
These are TLG's official Overwatch minifigs. One of TLG's more interesting figs in recent times if you ask me. As you can see though, some molds used by XINH are inaccurate.

It's worth noting that POGO also released their own sets of Overwatch minifigs in the past, even before TLG made theirs. Lele also cloned Winston, the bigfig gorilla, or at least previewed it.

Sheng Yuan is the other brand that tried to clone TLG's Overwatch figs, but they too had problems getting molds and hence reused weird parts instead.

I actually liked the Overwatch figs POGO released way back. I got them from AngeloMarcus Greenhills before; not sure yet though if they'll be getting these ones too. If they do though, I'll try and review them and watch videos of the official set reviews to see how they compare to the originals.

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  1. That head might work for a Rachel Summers...

    1. Too bad she’s either winking or blowing bubblegum

  2. I got some of the previous releases which were great. I'd really like to get my paws on one of widow makers unique helmet headpieces like the TLG version has....

  3. It sucks that they aren't making Reinhardt's helmet though. That is one cool design and I was looking forward to that for some MOCs


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