XINH X0258: War Machine Variants, Ronin, Captain Marvel, and More Marvel Avengers Endgame Minifigs Preview

XINH 1261 - 
XINH 1262 - Nebula
XINH 1263 - Captain Marvel
XINH 1264 - War Machine
XINH 1265 - Thor
XINH 1266 - War Machine MK 6
XINH 1267 - Captain Marvel (Star Force)
XINH 1268 - Ronin (Hawkeye)

Thanks to Reece for the heads up!

As far as variants go, these look really good. Great to see a Captain Marvel with glowing hair and the helmet! Also liking both those War Machine variants. I'm not sure what 1264 is though. As far as I know, there is no MK V War Machine since he wears the MK 6 throughout the movie and changes to a bulkier suit at the end, which might be what the TLG War Machine Buster set was inspired from. Ronin's also using a new helmet piece, well one from Ninjago that we haven't seen from Marvel yet, yay! Can't wait to get my hands on these from AngeloMarcus Greenhills! I also hope they stock up on Chitauri figs soon since I really wanna army build those.

Despite my huge love for Endgame though, I'm also still hoping that brands realize other themes deserve more figs too.

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  1. I think Cap Marvel's helmet is just Cap America's in red. Notice how they they didn't feature it as the main look but rather as the secondary one and the way they cropped it to hide the lack of mohawk.

  2. 1264 is the latest/ bulky suit worn by rhodes. He wore 3 suits on the film actually ( mk 6 with the "006" on the right leg, war machine quantum suit and lastly, the bulky war machine on the final act of the movie).

    WM brand got the right details of war machine mk 6 since you can see the "006" label. I hope within this week I can see and buy it at AngeloMarcus GH too!

    1. So it's a little confusing, but 1264 is the Mk6. The one labelled as Mk6 (1266) is actually the Mk5. Even the MCU wiki shows that the Mk5 has 006 on the leg. But 1264 is definitely the Mk6. Look at the red highlights on the ribs.

      The other option is that 1264 is the Mk7 and 1266 is the Mk6 and we never saw the Mk5, much like we never saw the Iron Man Mk48.

    2. mk5 was never shown on the film just like the ironman mk 51 - 84

      I'm not sure if 1266 is mk6 since the details are not correct. but i'm sure 1264 is the iron patriot buster machine armor. check the trailer or a clip where rocket is riding the bulky warmachine actually, it's red and blue colored suit.

    3. after checking some pics and seeing clearly the preview pic of the minifgure. 1266 is really mk6 haha my bad for doubting.

      check this for reference of 1266 and 1264


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