Saturday, April 22, 2017

DTB DTB001: The Hand Ninjas MOC/Figbarf

I guess this is my first MOC/Figbarf. 

Swords and sheaths came from a SY Deadpool set, I have two sets because I made a mistake.

The design was really inspired by the all-red ninjas from the comics. They've had lots of costume variants but the all-red ones were the easiest to make given the pieces I have. 

I'll also try and make a Nobu variant based on Daredevil Netflix Season 1 and more Hand ninjas from Season 2! Hehe! 

The parts I used: Star Wars Imperial Guard + TLBM Red Hood. Under that dome thing, Red Hood sports a red-faced head and it looks great. I also will use Red Hood's torso for another MOC/Figbarf that I'll be sharing with you guys soon! 

Hand ninja vs another of my MOC/Figbarf collection, Shang-Chi! 

2 of the Defenders vs a small army of The Hand!

Think I can make some improvements? Or use other parts instead? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook!


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