Thursday, April 13, 2017

Duo Le Pin DLP9039: Soldiers vs Zombies Minifigs Set Review

Can I just say, I love Duo Le Pin! 

DLP 9039 Comes with 6 soldiers in blue SWAT uniform. 4 soldiers have helmets with headsets while 2 have helmets with gas masks. 

Plus 2 zombies!

Each soldier comes with one of these unique swords and one of these transparent SWAT shields. Would've preferred a print-less shield but hey, DLP wants to stick to the theme. 

I don't like how the shield handle was made because the hands end up horizontal. Like in the picture. But I guess having a horizontal or vertical shield handle has their own advantages and disadvantages and is really up to personal preference. 

The most frustrating part of the set! Normally, the headset should be placed inside the helmet, right? It was a pain to do it, literally, and so I skipped it for now.

Here's a comparison of the helmets with mics. On the left is how the mic/headset should be placed "inside" the helmet, or to be more accurate, the headset should be in between the helmet and the minifig head. It was really a pain trying to do this, frustrating + physical pain on the fingers.

Now onto the individual minifigs and what's in the box.  

What I love about this one is the grenade launcher! The magazine/barrels can even move while attached! 

That rifle on the upper left is from Star Wars for sure. I saw it while playing Star Wars Battlefront II way back! Haha.

Sad that this one comes with only a rocket launcher.. 

A sniper rifle + knife + assault rifle. Nothing fancy.

The gatling gun but I gotta say I prefer the LeLe one. Though I still don't have one yet sadly..

Nothing fancy again with this guy.

The zombie has an RPG. Now that's scary. + an SMG.

I don't really like the chainsaw but hey, they tried! 

Now for the hopefully clear photos of the prints. 

The printing on these minifigs is really really great. Alignment was also pretty good, or at least not too noticeable because of how the designs are, but still. 

Alternate face prints are most of the time appreciated but in this case I'm not so sure.. Luckily, these guys are generic soldiers so you can replace the heads. Unlike for example SY Deadpool set of 8 which had its Deadpool minifigs [with no helmets of course] have unrelated alternate prints.. Check here on how I removed the prints, but I do recommend using other heads instead since they're generic characters anyway [if the alternate face even bothers you]

Arms and legs have side prints too! Good job, DLP!

The same guys without their helmets. 

Even the faces are good looking, I mean compared to other companies who make really ugly faces.. 

And another look at how the alternate face prints look like from the side. 


Same thing goes with the next guys. 

It's worth noting that the helmets have those plastic nubs as if you just removed them from a hobby kit style runner even though they came in plastic instead. At least it's the back part of the helmet.. 

Side view. See how annoying that mic is when it's not attached to the helmet?? SIGH

That face on the right honestly looks a bit feminine to me but hey I have an open mind! Haha. 

Then the feminine face gets a moustache! Haha! 

-------------------------------------Next Pair--------------------------------------

Same goes for these guys again. Also, I don't like how the gas mask's eyeholes make the minifig's eyes look like they have no gap in between them but it is way better than having frog face minifigs like that SY Captain America one! Haha.

Sorry for the glare, but even the side prints of the minifigs are unique! Nothing's the same among them.. 

Really really love the print. See, even the back legs have printing! And they're good quality! 

Now without their helmets and masks. 

Again, at least the alternate face prints look nice unlike that past Deadpool set.. Haha. 

-------------------------------------Next Pair--------------------------------------

The zombies' turn! I feel like this set is becoming less and less for kids especially after seeing those guts of the zombie.. Really great to see though that even the legs have printing for these guys! 

Sides don't have prints though but prints on those may be unnecessary anyway.

For the back view, yes these ones also have alternate face prints. Now it's time to erase some faces.. At least the designs are decent, and the only hard part about erasing the faces would be choosing between the two since both of them look great to be honest. Check here on how I removed the prints in the past.

Overall, I love the set. I picked it up because the soldiers reminded me of Marvel SHIELD Agents and wanted them as background people in case I get a Helicarrier or a similar SHIELD base in the future. They do fit nicely because of the blueness. Still, SHIELD or not, it's a great set. I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested in army building. It's also nice to see that it's away from the generic tan camouflage soldier or the black swat soldier. 

Regarding the minifigs, they have unique prints and you won't see any repeats which make purchasing the whole set very tempting as opposed to buying the same guy repeatedly, unless you really want them to be uniform. Still, you'll only notice the differences once you look close enough, and that may be a good thing! The weapons included were also welcome additions. I would've preferred a uniform gun instead of their sword + shield combo but any minifig army builder I assume would already have lots of minifig guns lying around and so the swords and shields are welcom additions too. 

If I missed out on anything, please let me know! 

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Aaaaaand, a final shot!

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  1. The sword with the hook on top is lord of the rings orc. Great review. You can tell you love this bunch.