Tuesday, April 25, 2017

PSA: Using Pencil Ink Eraser for Minifig Print Removal

Ink eraser = bootleg collector's friend

Above = After. 

Picture above is from before and from my review found here!

YOU HAVE TO USE THE INK PART OF THE ERASER. Not the part for pencil of course. Works well for small ink marks, for big marks, I've tried already on my yellow Deadpool turned Shocker and I'll show you guys soon! 

For now, I think this is neat. Way better than my previous way of removing face prints. Well at least for smaller ink parts. Being too rough on erasing though can leave the plastic a bit rough and removes shine, which again proves that this method is really better for just smaller print. 

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BIG THANKS TO BATSIE BLOCKS FOR THE SUGGESTION! Check out his awesome blog with a huge database of sets and minifigs + guides on buying from AliExpress!


  1. You can also use the pencil eraser part. Will take some more time but won't remove the shinning.
    I'ver erased some torsos using a Staedler Mars plastic eraser and works great

    1. Oh cool. I'll try that soon then! Planning on doing some minor customizing. Hehe thanks. I'll be on the look out for Staedler Mars!