Saturday, May 13, 2017

WM Brand WM211: Lady Deadpool Minifig Review

Where's my Venompool though.. 

Great printing! If you don't have SY Lady Deadpool, then you better get this!

Side prints! With legs included! The right arm though has a bit of fade printing but not too bad. Isolated case most probably. 

Back view. Not much going on but thankfully no back face like Sheng Yuan's..

Great detail on the back even if she almost always has her sword backpack on! Nice work!

The sword backpack's plastic quality was bad though. Might be an isolated case with mine though.

WM on the left, Sheng Yuan on the right. I honestly prefer the SY one, also, the SY one has a more feminine face [minus the ugly back face that I was able to remove at least]. WM wins with the printed arms and side prints for the legs though.

So I got her along with the new WM Iron Fist. Not really disappointed with any of them, but also no wow feeling.

Just for your information, here are my current WM minifigs: MOC Shang-Chi from Bruce LeeWhite Iron Fist, Classic Open Chest Iron Fist, this Lady Deadpool, and Logan

Thoughts? Questions? Will you be picking her up? And SY or WM? Share your thoughts below and please like us on Facebook for more reviews and updates!

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