Monday, June 19, 2017

DTB DTB020: Marvel's Ka-Zar Minifig Preview

It's Tarzan! No. It's He-Man! No. It's Ka-Zar!!!

Initial version: you can see the red belt thing from He-Man.

Parts used:
Head, hair, legs: He-Man (Kopf)
Torso: Black armored Spartan (XINH)
Spear: GoT Ygritte (POGO/XINH)
Others: Generic

After erasing the red belt thing with the eraser. I just used the white part, the blue part can hurt/scratch the plastic.

My inspiration pictures. Still trying to get my hands on some new knife parts, don't wanna take them from my Drax haha. I was thinking of changing his hair piece as well, then I saw the picture on the right and it looked really similar so I stayed with the He-Man hair piece.

Now I'm just waiting for a sabretooth tiger fig that I can make into Zabu. (His Sabretooth tiger ally.)

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  1. Sir, suggest use the arms of POGO batman Caveman if you have, it has brown bracelets for third version, like the photo on the left, post pics -Ritche H

    is there also national book store there? NBS is a manila company. whwere are you HK?

    1. Oh thank you for the suggestion! Didn't even think of that! I'll try it when I can buy hehehe

      I'm from Manila hahaha

  2. Hahaha kala ko foreigner heheheh - Ritche H.

    1. Hahahaha nagstick lang to english para maintindihan din ng lahat, marami sa nagbabasa dito taga ibang bansa e :D

  3. it might be a bit out of scale for u but the lion could work for zabu

    1. Nice I like it. If I see one for cheap, maybe I'll pick it up!! :D Thanks