Wednesday, June 7, 2017

XINH X0168: Spider-Man Homecoming Minifigs Preview

Pass on the Vulture since I want his bigger wings. + no Shocker? Interesting. 

XINH 675 - Homecoming Iron Man based on Ultimate Iron Man
XINH 676 - Vulture with dark green wings instead of build wings
XINH 677 - Spider-Man from upcoming PS4 Spider-Man game
XINH 678 - Silk (first costume silk, costume made out of web)
XINH 679 - Homecoming Robber
XINH 680 - Homecoming Spider-Man. Very minor differences from CW Spider-Man.
XINH 681 - Homecoming Robber
XINH 682 - Ends of the Earth Spider-Man, we've seen one from DLP before

Weird that there's no Shocker, maybe because he used to be a secret in TLG's preview pics. Check it out here and see Vulture's massive TLG Homecoming wings from this as well.

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