Saturday, August 12, 2017

XINH X0175: SDCC Vixen, Netflix Elektra, Mister Terrific, and More Superhero Minifigs Preview

Thanks to Aizad Junid for the heads up on these!!

I'm sure AngeloMarcus, my local store, will have these soon so stay tuned for the review!!

Finally, SDCC Vixen!

XINH 727 - SDCC Vixen
XINH 728 - CW Arrowverse Green Arrow
XINH 729 - CW White Canary
XINH 730 - Mister Terrific
XINH 731 - Netflix Elektra
XINH 732 - CW Black Canary
XINH 733 - Netflix Iron Fist
XINH 734 - Alan Scott Green Lantern

The CW figs look better than Decool's old ones. That Iron Fist also looks better than WM's.

And I made an Elektra MOC before, but this one looks way better!

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  1. 727 originally by Lego
    728, 732 originally by SH Customs
    729, 730, 731 originally by Onlinesailin
    733 originally by MinifigFX
    734 originally by PopPunkMunky

  2. 734 is the original 1940 Green Lantern - Jpoks

  3. 1940 characters are on a roll PG-285 Superman, PG-235 Blazing Skull and now XN - 734, bring it on! - Jpoks

  4. 734 is alan scott green lantern

  5. that white canary would work for ur colleen wing and even silver sable