POGO PG267-PG269, PG272: White Lantern Flash and Gotham Minifigs Review

From this set

From left to right:
PG267 - White Lantern Flash
PG268 - James (Jim) Gordon
PG269 - Hugo Strange
PG272 - Oswald Cobblepot [before he became Penguin] 

Let's start with White Lantern Flash. He's alright. The helmet's plastic doesn't seem as good as usual helmets but it's also not bad anyway. The torso is alright, but it's not as sharp as other designs. Overall, it's an alright fig.

Side view. And yes, he comes with two of those orange speed effect pieces.

He doesn't get normal eyes, sadly, just that white shades-like shape on his face to give his helmet the white eyes look.

Back view.

Better view of the white shades thing. Might be a good piece for MOCs?

See the helmet mold, not as good as other helmets. If it's not obvious in the picture, then if you decide to get this, you'll get what I mean.. Still an alright helmet, but could've been waaaay better.

Now for these three guys from Gotham. What you see is what you get. No problems here. Of course though, it's the usual POGO plastic quality; don't expect it to be great but don't expect it to be horrible too!

Nothing on the sides

Simple back prints. No alternate faces.

TL;DR - White Lanter Flash is kinda out of place in the whole set but that's "normal" in bootlego sets anyway. The figs are okay in general. If you know how average POGO figs are, then that's what you should expect from these ones. 

Got them from AngeloMarcus Greenhills and it's only a matter of time until they complete the set and have everything available for sale!

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