WM WM463: Classic Scarlet Witch Minifig Review

We first saw them previewed here.

First, let's talk about the most interesting part which is her head dress. From afar, she looks amazing, but look closer and you might see that the head dress could be a bit better. Plastic quality is alright, better than POGO's usual unique molds but still not as great as the minifig plastic in general.

My biggest issue: the most annoying part for me was that the head dress had that plastic nub. I don't know how I'll remove that without keeping the colors consistent..

Also, this head dress is comprised of two parts. Some of you might be wondering why they had to do it; I can think of one answer. Creating one hair mold will be different to dual mold and so they end up painting the hair pieces. This becomes very problematic since it's hard to keep the paint properly aligned and consistent; I'm sure you have some minifigs with hair pieces that have other colors on them that look horrible. WM tried to avoid that by literally creating two molds and instead of merging them in the process of manufacturing, simple created them independently and included a joint-ish part to attach them to each other.

Do note that the attachment is a bit loose. I'm thinking of using kragle on them to be honest. Though to be fair, Lady Loki's helmet is much much worse when it comes to how good the attachment of the pieces are.

Moving on to the minifig, She is great! Quality of plastic and print are great! My only issue with the minifig itself is that the arms just have those slapped on print designs. No dual molding, no fake dual molding. It's a shame but it's what you get.

Better look at the arms. Also, we don't get side torso prints which I think could've made the fig better, but it doesn't really break it for me at least. The legs do have side prints though, yay!

No dual molded legs, but other parts are still great at the back!

Overall a fig that I think is worth it especially given how these minifigs are affordable. The head dress could have been better, I think they missed an opportunity there. I do hope this is an isolated issue and that yours are better! Please please let me know so I can get myself a better copy in case this really is isolated.

Of course, design credits go to BrothersFigures. Check them out if you want the best quality for this fig!

I got the other three female superheroes with unique molds from AngeloMarcus Greenhills yesterday and is now in the process of reviewing them! Stay tuned!

She's supposed to come with a cape! The cape was accidentally misplaced.. Phew. Sorry!

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  1. Now the dual-molded headpiece is an interesting thing.
    I'm kinda hoping maybe they did the same thing for Batwoman.
    If they did, there may be some interesting possibilities afoot there. Yessirree..

    1. Er, I meant, two pieces, that is.

    2. Yeah it's the same deal with Batwoman. I posted a review of her. I feel like crap because I didn't even try to use Scarlet Witch's hair with Batwoman's mask and vise versa. I'll try it tonight if I remember!

  2. Hi, Big fan and follower of your blog here. I have a question: are the maskpieces from Lady Loki and Batlady and of course Scarlet Witch interchangeable with eachother? I hope they will release also the same hairtype in brown for a more genuine haircolor for the Scarlet Witch.

    1. Yes they are interchangeable with each other! I'll make a separate post in a few minutes! :D


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