Sunday, April 15, 2018

WM WM497: Sentinel Minifig (Aka Killing Machine) Review

First previewed here.

Some sellers list him as Killing Machine.

Anyway, quality wise I think he's alright. Good, actually, but the colors seem off because it's not too accurate to the source design. I also find the lack of colors kinda disappointing because, the lines on the torso are very intricate but the lack of other design elements is kinda disappointing.

He comes with this SMG even though a Sentinel probably doesn't need that, lol.

The side prints are much better because of the colors and design in general. Legs and arms have them!

The back view. Great amount of detail too, but again I would've loved to see more color on the torso.

In terms of accuracy to the real Sentinel, not including the size of course, maybe Kopf's is a better choice.

At least AngeloMarcus Greenhills has both Kopf and WM's version. Do you think it's worth army building this guy? Or should we stick to the big built ones instead?

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