Friday, April 27, 2018

XINH 809-812: Thor Ragnarok's Surtur, Hela, Heimdall, and Topaz Minifigs Review

Seen here with a every other XINH minifig, I hope.

XINH 809 - Topaz
XINH 810 - Heimdall (Thor Ragnarok)
XINH 811 - Hela
XINH 812 - Surtur

Both great minifigs. No complaints anywhere. Even Topaz' hair has printing to resemble her look in the movie!

On a side note, I watched Taika Waititi's (Thor Ragnarok's director) other movie: Hunt for the Wilderpeople and the actress portraying Topaz was there. I loved the film and the acting and direction was good!

Side view. Heimdall even has side prints for legs and torso!

View at the back. No alternate faces, sadly.

Heimdall's cape had some tears(?) and seemed damage but I think these are actually intended and was designed.. I think it should be more battered, but these tiny details are actually good!

First of all, I highly recommend checking the POGO vs XINH Hela review here.

Quality of both figs are superb. Hela is also more detailed than her original counterpart. Surtur is a bit disappointing, he deserves a build or bigfig, but this is better than nothing at least!

The eyes fit nicely in the mask!

Hela also comes with a hairpiece and I think it's much more accurate than what was included in the original.

Side views. The bones on Surtur make him look a bit weak... Lol.

Back prints.

Greatly detailed Hela helmet too.

The other half [of 8] were reviewed here.

Another great set of XINH figs. Surtur is a bit disappointing, but I'm glad that we at least have a Surtur in our collections! I'm excited what else they have for Infinity War. Even for Black Panther, I'm still hoping for more. M'baku and T'chaka, please!!

I'm hoping though that these brands actually release more and more the real figs and not just previews. More arrivals = more haul = more to review!!! Hopefully they really ship out soon, then I'll rush to AngeloMarcus Greenhills.. Hopefully they don't arrive during busy days hehe!

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  1. X0187 will be another Infinity War set from Xinh...three previews are up on aliexpress so far:

    823 - Iron man Mark 50 with HUD and attachments - as Lego but with an arm cannon!
    825 - Doctor Strange - as Lego but with green discs and different cape.
    829 - Falcon - as Lego but with arm printing, and printed tiles on the wings.


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